Parent Resources

Enjoy these complimentary parent handouts, developed by Dr. Bermudez as companions to parent coaching and family psychotherapy.  The concepts are not intended to be implemented in a literal manner, but rather to be modified according to the unique circumstances and needs of each family.

Most of the graphics and texts are self-explanatory. However, some of the content may not make sense out of the context of coaching or psychotherapy, depending on your previous experiences and self-awareness. We hope they can serve you as self-help.  Please keep in mid that you will need to make modifications to fit with your own family‚Äôs circumstances and needs. 

If you need individualized assistance, please see our services of Parent Coaching and Family Psychotherapy.

Tantrums/Meltdowns as Opportunities for Self-Regulation

Creating Your Bubble Video

For enhancing parent-child connection and decreasing anxiety.

Adjusting to New Sibling Handout

Ajusting to New

Art and Play for a Happy Infant Toddler Preschool

Art and Play for a Happy School Age Child

Collaboration and Conflict Resolution For Families


Parent Styles
Carpenter Gardener

Ages 0-5

Ages 6-10

Separation Anxiety

for Parents

Social-Emotional Books
for Children Age 1-5

Social-Emotional Books
for Children Grades K-6

Temper Tantrum