More joy and less stress for your family

Most Acclaimed Topics

Delivered in individualized sessions or group workshops

  • Temper Tantrums as Learning Opportunities
  • Potty Training–Tailored to Your Child
  • Art and Play for Self-Regulation
  • The Active & Distracted Child
  • Self-Nurturing for Parents
  • Adjusting to a New Sibling
  • Cultivating Racial/Cultural Empathy in Young Children
  • Managing Separation Anxiety
  • Co-Regulate Now, Self-Regulate Forever

Other topics tailored to your needs upon request

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Mindfulness and Movement

Workshop and Individual Sessions

Power up your mind-body connection for optimal emotional wellbeing and stress reduction.

Ideal for groups of families, school enrichment classes, church classes, staff development trainings, and private parent-child sessions.

Workshops/sessions can be conducted online or brought to your location and tailored to desired emphasis and duration
Available in English and Spanish

Parent Coaching sessions can be tailored to the needs of one family or one parent, and delivered either online or in person at our psychotherapy office

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