Psychotherapy for Individual Adults

In-Person and On-line Counseling Through Secure Portal

Common Concerns Include

  • Depression
  • Stress management
  • Anxiety
  • Posttraumatic stress
  • Adjustment to divorce or separation
  • Grieving the loss of loved ones
  • Conflict in relationships with family and friends
  • Parenting challenges (also see parent coaching services)

Combination of art therapy, cognitive-behavior therapy, and mindfulness.

What is Art Therapy?
What is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy?
What is mindfulness?

Overview of the Therapy Process

  1. Assess
    Every person is unique. There is no one-size-fits-all counseling approach that works. I start with an assessment of the person’s strengths and challenges, and a screening of symptoms.
  2. Plan
    After the first (intake) session, we will discuss and agree on the goals of counseling and the number of sessions desired.  According to specific personals needs, counseling sessions could include an occasional guest (family member or partner).
  1. Collaborate
    I help clients express and overcome difficult emotions/experiences through a combination of art therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy and mindfulness techniques. This ensures that self-expression and healing in both verbal and non-verbal manners.
  2. Re-assess
    We periodically re-assess the improvement, discuss what techniques have helped the most, and plan whether any changes in the treatment are necessary, whether goals have been successfully met, and whether referral to additional services is needed.

Insurance Reimbursement

I do not receive payment directly from insurance companies.  However, your insurance company may reimburse you directly for the cost of psychotherapy with an out-of-network provider. I will provide you with the necessary receipts.

I encourage you to call your insurance company before the first appointment, to find out what your benefits are for individual and family sessions with an out-of-network provider, if there is a deductible, and how many sessions per year are covered.For the purpose of insurance reimbursement, I am considered an “out of network provider.”  Your insurance can look me up with my National Provider Identification (NPI): 1427567965.

Consent Form

Please read the consent form before the first appointment. Please wait to sign it until we discuss it during the first appointment.