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  • Temper Tantrums as Learning Opportunities
  • Potty Training–Tailored to Your Child
  • Art and Play for Self-Regulation
  • The Active & Distracted Child
  • Self-Nurturing and Stress Reduction for Educators
  • Adjusting to a New Sibling
  • Cultivating Racial/Cultural Empathy in Your Children
  • Managing Separation Anxiety
  • Cultivating Racial/Cultural Empathy in Young Children
  • Healing from Cultural and Racial Discrimination
  • Increasing Awareness of Privilege
  • Healthy Cultural/Racial Identity of Minority Children
  • Are you Ready to Advance Equity and Inclusion?

Other topics tailored to your needs upon request

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Workshops/sessions can be conducted online or brought to your location , tailored to desired emphasis and duration.

Watch my free recorded webinars hosted by The Source of Learning on “Teaching Racial/Cultural Empathy” and “Healing from Racial and Cultural Discrimination”

The Pyramid Model

Integrate into your early childhood program this evidence-based framework for promoting social emotional development in young children (birth to 5) and responding to the most challenging behaviors. The Pyramid Model was developed by early childhood experts from the National  Center for Pyramid Model Innovations for a wide range of early childhood programs. Each of the 4 modules consists of 7 hours of training, can be studied separately, and tailored to the needs of each early childhood program. I became a certified Pyramid Model Trainer and Coach in 2014, and have since then trained/coached educators and leaders in Head Start and Early Head Start Programs, private daycares, and home visiting programs.

Workshops/sessions can be conducted online or brought to your location and tailored to desired emphasis and duration
Available in English and Spanish